1. Why High-Performing Women Feel Guilty Saying NO

    Why High-Performing Women Feel Guilty Saying NO

    Do you struggle to say no? Even the most powerful and successful women among us sometimes feel guilty saying no. Declining an offer, turning someone down, or just saying that one simple two-letter word N-O is critical to standing in your power. And, unless you've been living under a rock, you alread…Read More

  2. how to recognize burnout in women - Crazy busy women

    Burned Out? Don’t Ignore These Signs!

    Do you feel like the amount of stress and pressure you are under at the moment is through the roof? Are you afraid that you are losing your grip on things at work, and getting more and more exhausted? Do you struggle to complete projects and set goals? If any of this sounds familiar to you, then the…Read More

  3. How to Relax and Destress - Crazy Busy Women

    How to Relax and Destress

    As crazy busy women, we get so caught up in the go-go-go of life that relaxing is the last thing on our to-do list. But you know what? After everything we do for our jobs, family, and homes, we have earned the right to relax! If you’re living in survival mode all the time, it will eventually take …Read More

  4. finding joy in the holidays - crazy busy women

    Finding Joy in the Crazy Busy Holiday Season

    The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, and it truly is a magical time, but so often, we get caught up in all the busy-ness that enjoyment is barely on the radar. This year, I want you to make joy a priority! Instead of focusing on perfection and all the to-dos on your list, focus on c…Read More

  5. setting boundaries over the holidays - crazy busy women

    Setting Boundaries Over the Holidays

    Every year as the holidays near, I find it’s even more imperative to crazy busy women to emphasize boundaries and the power and freedom to say “no” to all the requests you’ll inevitably receive. This year, instead of doing the things you feel you have to do, I want you to focus on how you ca…Read More

  6. How to Stop Feeling Stuck - Crazy Busy Women

    Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Get Out of That Rut!

    Living in survival mode for months and even years can lead to contraction and feeling stuck. Existing in a place where you feel stuck all the time prevents you from thriving and being in a position of empowerment. This is so common with the crazy busy women I work with. It’s a given that as succes…Read More

  7. inviting gratitude - crazy busy women

    How You Can Invite Gratitude into Your Crazy Busy Life

    Are you getting so caught up in your crazy busy life that you don’t have time to even think about your blessings, let alone invite more into your life? This is a common pitfall among us crazy busy women, and we get so caught up in living in survival mode that we get stuck in that way of thinking a…Read More

  8. how to live with intention - crazy busy women

    Checking in With You About Living with Intention

    Back in February, I did a live video about living with intention (check it out below!), and how easy it is to lose focus when you’re caught up in living that crazy busy life. Well, the entire world has changed a lot since then, and now is the time to make a conscious decision to get back to living…Read More