How to Relax and Destress - Crazy Busy Women

As crazy busy women, we get so caught up in the go-go-go of life that relaxing is the last thing on our to-do list. But you know what? After everything we do for our jobs, family, and homes, we have earned the right to relax!

If you’re living in survival mode all the time, it will eventually take a toll on your body and mind…if it hasn’t already. Stress is everywhere and it’s unavoidable, but how we respond to it is ultimately the most important way to invite balance into our lives.

Here are some ways you can make it happen.

Make Time for Fun

When is the last time you had fun? When is the last time you genuinely laughed (and not just to be polite)? Laughter and fun might seem self-indulgent, but they have a very real physiological effect on your body, and your ability to relax.

Fun stimulates oxygen, your heart, your muscles, and increases endorphins. Over time, regular fun and laughter can lead to improved immunity, less pain, and a happier mood.

Make time for it! Watch a funny movie, find entertaining TikTok channels, and schedule time with friends who make you laugh. You know what triggers your fun response, so make a list of at least five things that fit the bill, put them on your schedule, and actually DO them.

Shut Off Your Mind

On the flipside of laughter is shutting off your mind to relax. We’re hit with a thousand things every day that we have to listen to, process, and take action on. If you don’t regularly shut off all the noise, you’re going to have such a hard time recharging.

This one is going to take practice, but it’s one of the best things to do to relax and destress. Focusing on deep breathing closes your mind to the constant stimuli around you and quiets your mind and body. Whether you need a break or you’re trying to prepare for sleep, it’s a wonderful technique.

You can also try other mindless activities such as knitting, playing a game like Solitaire, taking a shower, listening to music, or meditation. Be patient with the process—give it time to work, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Indulge in Self-Care

Give yourself permission to find a lot of time to relax and be healthy, selfish, and indulgent. We work so hard—we deserve time to relax and to do exactly what we want to do! I always think of the pre-flight checklist flight attendants do, and the line about putting the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others.

Self-care rituals are different for everyone. Where some of us really indulge, others put more focus on a wellness lifestyle. Strive for balance—self-care can nurture your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health, so make a list of five things in each of those categories for you to try.

Make Connections with People

Your busy life makes it so hard to nurture connections with loved ones. You might think of reaching out to an old friend, only to be yanked in another direction by a fire that needs to be put out. But making connections is truly one of the best ways to relax.

Right now, I want you to think of one person in your life who you can reconnect with right now. Set up a time to meet, whether in person or virtually. Put away your phone and any other distractions, and put all of your focus into that time.

This type of connection doesn’t have to be with long-lost relationships. Make time to connect with your partner, your kids, your parents, your best friend. Life does get busy, but having this quality time is such a great way to feel relaxed.

Get Up and Move

Stress has a way of winding our muscles up tight, which can cause chronic pain, migraines, and a host of other physical symptoms. We’ve focused quite a bit on how to relax your mind, and now we’re going to focus on how to relax your body.

Simply put, it’s movement. Moving your muscles stimulates every system in your body, and is so good for your mental and physical health.

You don’t have to start a crazy fitness routine to make this happen, either. You might try gentle, mindful movement techniques such as Tai Chi, yoga, or Quigong. Or if something that’s more high-intensity is your style, you can dance, run, or do some HIIT exercises. Find what works for you and what you can reasonably stick with.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to things to do to relax and destress, the activities above are a fantastic way to get started. The key is to create a combination of ways to relax your mind and body, and to do these activities regularly.

If you’re like so many crazy busy women and don’t even know where to start, schedule a breakthrough call with me! I would love to talk with you about what’s getting in your way, and how we can work toward a life that’s full of freedom, joy, and success. Sign up here: