inviting gratitude - crazy busy women

Are you getting so caught up in your crazy busy life that you don’t have time to even think about your blessings, let alone invite more into your life?

This is a common pitfall among us crazy busy women, and we get so caught up in living in survival mode that we get stuck in that way of thinking and becomes our default. We think we have to go, go, go and God forbid we take the time to count our blessings. I’ve been there—we all have.

But here’s why you should take that time every day to do it: mindfully inviting gratitude, even once, increases overall happiness levels and reduces feelings of depression. Think about what a daily practice could do, and how life-changing that could be.

While I’m not here to say that happiness fixes everything, so many studies on positive psychology prove that welcoming gratefulness improves mental and physical health, and we all need some help in that department.

Here are some ways you can invite more gratitude.

Start Small and be Consistent

It’s probably not going to be a shock to anybody that making a change in your life requires some baby steps and consistency. The same goes for embracing gratitude.

Start your day by writing down one thing you feel blessed to have. Whether it’s on a notebook page or a Post-It note, make sure it’s where you can see it throughout the day. I love Post-Its, because I can stick them to my computer screen.

If you’re keeping a notebook or a journal, it’s so powerful to see a list of all the things you appreciate on one page.

Share Your Gratitude

Even when you’re feeling crazy busy and stretched to the limits, taking a moment to tell somebody how much you appreciate them can make a huge difference to your own feelings of gratefulness.

Whether it’s your partner, a friend, or a coworker, every day, I want you to let somebody know how much you value them. Reward their efforts, and thank them for the little things.

This is not only helpful to your own state of mind, but it can create a greater sense of appreciation in the world around you. It might be exactly what somebody needs to hear in these tough times. Expanding your gratitude inspires those around you to do the same.

When the Going Gets Rough, Embrace Gratitude

No matter how great your life is, sometimes, circumstances just suck. Whether it’s a minor setback or something major, gratefulness can help to magnify your way of processing not-so-great circumstances.

I’m not talking about pretending everything is okay or falling into the trap of toxic positivity. I’m talking about feeling your feelings, and then taking control of your feelings by reframing your mindset. Living with intention helps you to process the things that happen and live in action rather than contraction.

Embracing gratitude during tough times can help you cope with negative emotions, even if it’s not meant to replace them. It’s a healing emotion that helps to provide perspective without allowing negative events to become overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

Creating a gratefulness practice can feel like more of a stretch at first, but with time, you’ll likely find more and more blessings throughout the day. Showing gratitude for those around you only multiplies your own feelings, and those of others. And it can help you to become more resilient when times get rough.

Changes are challenging at first, but they become a part of your everyday life with time—stick with it! And if you’re having a hard time figuring out what you have to be grateful for in these hard times, I’d love for you to schedule a free breakthrough call with me. Visit this link to get started!