Working with Marie has made a fundamental impact on my life.

Working with Marie has made a fundamental impact on my life.  For years I was a ‘crazy busy woman’ without any balance whatsoever.  On the surface, it looked like I had it all together – an exciting career that allowed me to travel, an amazing family and group of friends.  While I was happy on some level, on the inside I was spinning, exhausted, and lonely.  The harder I tried to create a new reality, the more it felt like just another thing to add to the never ending to do list. I felt stuck and couldn’t seem to get off the treadmill that had become my life.  Marie taught me simple tools and techniques to learn how to ‘stand in my truth’ so that I could to put myself first without feeling selfish, and most importantly how to ‘dream big, revise often’ so I could re-envision the life I truly wanted. Her program helped me to finally invest the time and effort in my life so I could learn how to create the life I actually wanted to live versus surviving in a life that left me feeling empty. Today, I now work for myself as a consultant and have a wonderful husband and two boys. Work is now just a part of my life, not the center of it.  While there are still times that life can be busy, I can honestly say that I am no longer just ‘surviving’ my life but truly enjoying it.  I highly recommend Marie’s program to anyone who is ready to reclaim their life.

Lisa – Motion Picture Marketing & Brand Consultant