How to Stop Feeling Stuck - Crazy Busy Women

Living in survival mode for months and even years can lead to contraction and feeling stuck. Existing in a place where you feel stuck all the time prevents you from thriving and being in a position of empowerment.

This is so common with the crazy busy women I work with.

It’s a given that as successful women, we’re busy. But we can also make choices that get us out of living in stuck mode into a place of joy, freedom, and success. I’m going to show you how you can get out this rut starting right now.

Stop the Excuses

The excuses that you make to yourself and to those around you can feel so true at the time. These are things like, “Oh, I can’t take time for dinner because I have to reply to all these emails,” or “Sorry, but I can’t go to your game because I have this deadline I have to make.”

There are times when these excuses are true. The big decisions are easy—you’re not going to miss big things like birthdays, vacations, or anniversaries. It’s the little decisions that are difficult, such as taking late-night work calls, answering emails on vacation, or self-imposed deadlines you’ve created.

It’s all these little things that push you into this place of being stuck.

How many times have you pushed off time with friends and family, self-care, or health appointments to take care of these little things? You swear that they’re so important, and in that moment of immediacy, you do what’s obvious to get work done.

You’re likely operating in motor skill mode and you’re constantly doing to get things done on your list. Spoiler alert: your to-do list is NEVER done.

It’s time to slow down and make conscious decisions about the excuses that you’re making so that you can properly triage these things that come up.

Yes, You Can Turn off Your Job

You worked your butt off and made so many sacrifices to be the successful woman you are, but your life does not have to be defined by your work. Successful women tend to be perfectionists, and we don’t want to disappoint our coworkers, bosses, and clients.

Boundaries fade until there are none. We live in a constant mode of being people pleasers, and god forbid we ever make mistakes!

This leads us to work during our “off” hours, saying “yes” to everything, and doing everything we can to be perfect at work. Yes, there are times where you have to handle an important situation, but what would happen if you created a boundary around this precious off time?

When you’re stuck in this mode of working 24/7 and pleasing everyone, you’re not making room for anything else in your life. You’re constantly living in a survival mindset, which is unhealthy for your mind and body, as well as for the relationships with those you love.

You’ve got to stop training everyone around you to take advantage of the time and energy you’ve so freely given. Leave work at work. This time is yours—take charge of it!

Slow Down and Recognize Choice Points

Awareness is the first step—you can’t change something if you don’t see what’s happening. Get out of autopilot, and into a place where you can step back and look at situations objectively. It’s so easy to make things happen—that’s what we crazy busy women do!

But when you get out of autopilot and look at every situation mindfully, you’re back in power. You’re in a place where you can make solid choices based on logic and not muscle memory. You have the choice to answer an email tomorrow (because 99% of the time, things can wait for tomorrow).

You also have the choice to enjoy the time you need to refresh and recharge so that you can be even better and even more successful at work. When you take care of yourself first, you’re going to be even more badass in your professional life because you’re making conscious decisions that don’t come from a place of feeling stuck.

For once, you’re actually making choices from a position of power.

Let Go of the Past

The past haunts all of us, and when we’re stuck, it’s usually because we can’t move past something. Many times, this is a mistake we made that had a big impact on us, whether imagined or real, big or small.

What if I told you that you’re probably the only person still thinking about this mistake?

It’s true. And it’s a given that in life, especially when you’re a crazy busy successful woman, you’re making high stakes decisions, and sometimes those decisions don’t go as planned. Instead of dwelling on things that happened in the past, give yourself grace, forgive yourself, and move forward.

Plan to do What Makes You Happy

Remember those little decisions I mentioned earlier? Those little things you’re giving up are the little things that can add up and lead to a more fulfilling, creative life. Make time in your life for self-care, quality time with family, and things that you want to do.

It’s easy to be stuck and live in a place of “I have to.” But living in a place of happiness and power ultimately leads to more fulfillment.

Make the choice to seek out the things and events that bring you joy. Plan ahead, and put them on your schedule. Text your best friend to schedule happy hour (in real time or on Zoom). Schedule something fun with your significant other on a regular basis.

These activities take you away from that place of contraction, and expand your life! Honor this time, because this is the legacy that you’re building.

Believe in Yourself

It’s so easy to say, “I can’t.” Saying “I can” pushes you into a place of vulnerability, and I know for a fact that change is terrifying. We know that living in our comfort/contraction zone works, so why get out of it?

Well, because you’re not happy there. You’re living a life that serves to please everybody but yourself. I want you to believe in yourself, and have faith that you can absolutely live outside of stuck mode.

Something that helps me is to write my intention on a post-it note and put it in places where I’ll see it throughout the day. This is a touchstone that keeps me grounded in a life that I love living in, one of happiness and success.

I believe in you, and I hope that soon enough, you will, too.

Final Thoughts

Living in a place where you’re stuck in autopilot may feel safe because you know how things will work out, but you’re not living in a place of joy. Think about how much more successful you could be if you were to stand back and make even better decisions because you’re coming from a place of resourcefulness.

I can help you do this. I’ve worked with countless women just like you who were unable to get out of a rut and who continued to live this life despite the detriment to their health and happiness, and to that of those around them.

I’d love for you to schedule a free one-hour breakthrough call with me, and we can push you out of this place of feeling stuck and into a place where you have freedom, joy, and success.

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