Life can be very busy and often stressful. Every day you work for 8 hours and come home and spend time with your partner and potentially your kids. Your calendar is jam-packed with events left and right. You don’t even consider leaving time to relax by yourself. Yet having alone time and building a strong relationship with yourself is one of the most important foundations for a healthy life.

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed With Relationships, Learn To Spend Time Alone

Before you can start addressing how to manage stress and problems in your external life, you should solve problems internally first. While it’s important to not completely isolate yourself from social interactions, you should take some time to spend by yourself each day. Doing so can help you reflect on yourself and destress from the world.

Here’s Some Inspiration:

Daily Journaling

Taking 10-30 minutes out of your day to write down your thoughts in a journal is a great first step to spending time with yourself. Write down your thoughts and think of it like a diary that nobody else will read. Or try a popular method called bullet journaling. With this, you essentially pre-plan your journal pages with any template that serves your needs, usually packed with creative handwriting, colors, and doodles. For example, you can make charts to track your goals, milestones, habits, events, feelings – just about anything.


First Cup of Coffee

Setting aside alone time every morning to sit and enjoy your first cup of coffee is a great way to start your day. Plan to sit alone and read or catch up on the news at the start of your day with a refreshing cup of joe.


Night-Time Bath

Put aside some time at the end of your day to have nice, long soak in a warm bath. Make it as comfortable as possible with some candles or essential oils and a bath bomb. Put on a face mask and just relax.


Take a Walk

Plan out a daily short walk by yourself. Don’t bring your phone, just take in the scenery. Start with a familiar route, and then adventure onto new streets if you can. Great times to take your walk are first thing in the morning and right after a meal.


Whatever You Love

You don’t have to take our suggestions, you probably know how you prefer to spend some alone time. All you have to do is actually plan that time out in your day, every day. What you do could change on a daily basis, but just remember that spending some time alone helps to build a strong relationship with yourself.



Learn How to Prioritize What Matters the Most

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